Android has the largest market share whereas Apple makes most of the money from its smartphone business. You may think Apple is the winner, but the truth is no because there is a whole new front sprouting up and Apple is way behind in it when compared with Android and Amazon.

Android VS Apple

A phone is not just used for calling, but it is used for a lot more things

A phone isn’t a phone anymore, as it has become a small PC. All the stuff that you do on your PC can be done on your Smartphone now. The camera, the communication hub, the personal assistant and more, everything is present on your smartphone now. IoT is making things a lot more exciting, which we will see in the days to come.

A new war is about to begin and it is much exciting than the previous one

Things have changed lately in the technology, as now, we are using apps instead of stand-alone software programs. Those mobile Android apps are easier to use, plus they offer more features. You can’t live without Whats App, Facebook Messenger, BBM and other such apps, right?

The majority of services don’t bother a bit as to which platform a user is. Hulu is Hulu whether you are watching it on your Androidn device or an iPad. Similarly, the Netflix, YouTube and other apps for android.

The price difference between the Best Android phone and an iPhone is staggering, yet the former one offers same services!

Do you know that the $200 Android phones can provide the identical services that you will find in a $900 iPhone? Well, this is true, but people are still buying iPhone because they conceive it as a premium brand, though there is nothing significant that Apple is offering to its customers.

Apple TV is another example of the debacle of Apple because it is not as versatile as Chrome cast, which is a Google subsidiary. Google and Amazon has 10 time more partnerships in automation compared to the Apple.

The only solution for Apple is to be more like Android

Android And Apple

Can’t beat them? Why not copy them?

Apple can’t beat Android when it comes to the ease of use and popularity, so it should stop trying to do so. It will be better if the Apple can replicate the things that are done by Android to capture the majority chunk of the market share. Apple Maps, Messaging feature and Siri are holding the company to its place.

Apple is yet to open up its horizon in terms of maps where Android maps are already doing extremely good in the world. Android phone has many more features to offer when compared to Apple. Even Amazon Alexa has better functionality than Apple Siri, which indicates how much far behind Apple is.

Is it going to work?

This is a war where it is not necessary to be a winner. The most important thing is to expand the business and sustain it. Companies have been doing it quite successfully, including Apple, but the major difference between those companies and Apple is that, the latter one has a limited customer base. On the other hand, Android market has tried to lure the entire world, people from all age groups and with any financial background.