Pop-up ads are annoying for sure, but now you can stop these pop up ads on Android phones, here we suggest some straightforward ways to stop these annoying ads. These tips will also work for Android tablets. We suspect that simply enabling the pop-up blocker on your chosen browser will make things work better. Below are the steps, will you help you out to avoid the pop-ups:

You can use Opera Browser:

Opera Browser now contains a built-in ad blocker, you can use Opera and this one is very simplest way to avoid adverts while browsing on your Android phone or tablet.

Opera Browser

Enabled ‘Block pop-ups’:

This is an uncomplicated way to avoid pop ups, open up the browser, now make a click on three dots menu icon you can see in the top right hand corner. You need to choose ‘Settings’ from the list, after choosing, select ‘Advanced’ from the menu. Make sure that ‘Block Pop-Ups’ is enabled, you shouldn’t ever see a pop-up ad on your Android smartphone when you use the Android browser.

Block Pop Ups On Android Browser

Block pop ups on Chrome:

Process is simple and as same as I mentioned in above step, you just need to click on three dots menu icon in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Site Settings’, then click on ‘Pop-ups’. By default pop-ups will be blocked and the option will read ‘pop-ups Block (recommended)’. Move the slider to change this option if pop ups are allowed.

Enable Data Saver:

We recommend you to enable your data saver. Data saver compresses features of web pages that aren’t required on mobile devices. You’ll get the smooth web browsing experience plus savings on your data bill as your phone will get rid of non-essential ads and animations.

Data Saver

Install an Adblock Browser (Android):

Whenever you’re in the search of Apps for Android, you go to Play Store. Now from the same hub of Play Store you can download an Adblock Browser free for your android phones. This will block the all non-essential pop-ups.

Install an Adblock Plus (Chrome):

You need to install Ad-block Plus. To do so, first you need to go to Settings, Security and enable the ‘Unknown sources’. By using Chrome, you need to download the Ad-block Plus, once it is downloaded step ahead to File Manager, now find the download and install it. Alas! On a non-rooted handset Ad-block Plus cannot configure your network settings, then go for it manually. First, open up Ad-block Plus and click ‘Configure’ in the top right hand corner.

Add Block Plus

Take a note of the proxy configuration displayed, then go to Settings and Wi-Fi from your home screen. Long press the network to which you are connected, and select ‘Modify network.’ Now enable ‘Show advanced options’. Change the drop-down from ‘None’ to ‘Manual’ by going to ‘Proxy settings’. Now input the settings Ad-block Plus gave you. In our case the Proxy was given as ‘localhost’ and the Port 2020’. You won’t see any ads on websites now.

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