Ever wondered why your Android Phone is not performing as it should be. Sometimes it tends to get hang and starts consuming lot of battery. Yes this all happens when you don’t update it consistently. If you want to increase the performance of your device you need to follow these simple ways.

Delete everything which is not in use:

The app which you don’t use frequently just delete them and this will increase    the performance of your device. Besides this remove unnecessary photos, music, video, this will create more space and gives a room for Android phones to breath. Also update your Operating system to the latest version. In case you don’t receive automatic notifications for update do it manually .Go to ‘setting’ ,then tap ‘About Phone’, tap ‘Android Version’ and select ‘System Update’.

Delete everything which is not in use

Delete Temporary files and Cache:

Temporary files and caches are created to optimize the loading time of an app while it is running but if left unchecked it effects the productivity of the device. Some smartphones have tools that automatically clears the memory. If your phone doesn’t, then third party apps like Avast Cleanup’ and ‘C Cleaner’ are there to do that job for you.

Simply Home screen:

Don’t clutter your home screen has it can hamper your device performance instead keep the shortcuts and widgets that you use regularly and delete the rest. Also avoid using live wallpaper it will slow your device.

Simply Homescreen

Turn off apps animations:

No matter animation on an App will make it look good but in return it consumes lot of your battery life and processing speed. To turn off your animations on your device. Go to ‘Developer Options’ in ‘Settings’, then tap on ‘Animations’ and disable them.

Overclock your Android device:

When a smartphone is manufactured it is clocked at a given speed to delivers a balance between performance and battery life. Overclocking your device will increase its performance but its battery life will suffer. There are many third party Apps for Android available for this purpose like Kernel Auditor (ROOT). Before installing, remember that these apps directly access sensitive internals of the Android OS and phone hardware so be cautious while using it.

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