As we know Android Marshmallow is spreading the flare of its name among the people. Here Android Marshmallow is emerging with some tricks and tips in front of you.

You can uninstall the apps from home screen or app drawer:

Now you can uninstall the apps from your home screen or app drawer simply by making a long press on it or just drag it to remove option. This will save your few seconds from the little complication of going to application and then uninstall the app.

Uninstall The Apps From Home Screen Or App Drawer

Developer option:

These options are nothing new, but there are a few new ones in Android Marshmallow. Go to settings, to access Developer options, after reaching the About Phone, tap Build Number seven times unless you won’t the see the pop up notifies that you are now a developer.  Now go back and you’ll see the Developer options right above the ‘About Phone’.

Developer Option

System UI Tuner:

System UI Tuner is name of the process that draws things like the soft/home/back/recent buttons and the notification tray. If you want to enable the System UI Tuner, just bring down your quick setting menu, by placing your finger at the top of your phone screen just make a touch and pull it down smoothly. Tap on the cog wheel and you’ll be asked if you would like to enable system UI Tuner then select yes and you’ll be see the System UI Tuner at the bottom of your settings list.

System UI Tuner

RAM Manager:

RAM is a huge part androids, just go to settings, then memory and then memory used by apps. You’ll see the list of all your memory- dominating apps. You will get the detailed info after tapping an entry and will give you the option to force stop the app. To understand the usage of RAM, this tool is great and helpful.

RAM Manager

Activate the Google Now:

Marshmallows and Lollipop’s lock screens are quite similar but the lock screen shortcut to the dialer has been replaced by Google Now.  Now to call someone just by speaking, simply swipe from the bottom left-hand corner of the lock screen to get Google Now ready to receive your voice command.

Activate the Google Now

Google Now on tap:

You can bring up Google Now on Tap from any app, simply by texting and long pressing the Home button. There’s no need to switch apps or copy and paste phrases anymore.

Google Now on tap

Disable Notification:

If you feel that notifications on the peak of screen bother you, then simply go to Settings, Sound and Notifications and then App Notification. Select the app they’re coming from, and then switch off Allow peeking. Android Marshmallow that gives you a power to decide if you want to allow them or not.

Disable Notification

Multi Window Mode:

Multi-window mode lets you open another app in a new pop out window, so you can run twice at once. Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5 hold this feature but now you can get it on stock Android.

Multi Window Mode

So these are some tricks and tips for Android Marshmallow, go on try it.

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