Google map is coming up with new feature which will let users add multiple stops while navigating. Users will have to install the latest 9.31 version of Maps app.

It was expected back in April that Google Maps for Android will bring the navigation to multiple destinations .But this feature started rolling out now to the Android users only.

To experience this feature all you need to install latest version of Google maps for Android apps. According to Android Police the feature is being activated via server-side switch which is not an actual update to the Maps app but we can expect the feature will be soon available to the users for further updates on gadgets, Apps of Android and latest news of Android Market visit

Moreover, users will be required to install or update the Maps for Android app to version 9.31. Well, the version is available once you hit the app store of your Android Phone like Google Play, but there’s no guarantee that whether multiple destination feature will work after the update as well.


Earlier, the Maps mobile app did not allow users to navigate to multiple destinations. It allowed users to side-track their destination during a trip to restaurants, cafes and shopping marts. New multiple destination feature on Android app allows users to add multiple stories while navigating.

Till the new option comes up on your mobile app, you can take a help from the desktop to navigate multiple destinations using the Maps for Android. Users have to copy the full URL of multiple destinations and search it on map for desktops and send it to themselves on mobile .Once the users receive the link and click on it and choose to open it in Google maps, the app will open multiple destination route navigation. This method is independently verified and proved to be a helpful to users.