Are you an android user? If yes then you follow these troubleshooting steps resolve the problem which annoys your device constantly.

What’s up Android users? Well, if you’re facing any trouble on your android phone, then you can take the support of troubleshooting steps. Whenever you find that your smartphone is not working, crashing or not responding and if you’re facing any obstacle in your android apps then you can follow these troubleshooting steps, which may resolve the issue.


Restart and Update

You need to press the power button for 30 seconds approx., unless your device restarts. The process of rebooting will give a fresh a start to your android device and often this procedure is enough to resolve the problem.

Check for android updatesandroid-update

Well, if you update your android phones, it will bring improvement to your device rapidly plus also resolve the issue. Follow the below given steps for your system updates:

  1. First open up your device Settings app and then scroll down to and make a tap on About phone or About tablet.
  2. Now tap System updates and Check for update. Tap install, if your system update is available, now to complete the update you may need to restart your device.
  3. The screen will show, “Your system us up to date” in case if the system update is not available.

Update the app

  1. First, you need open the Play Store app and at top (left side), make a tap on Menu. Now tap My apps & games.
  2. Apps with available updates are labeled, ‘Update’. You can tap Update all if more than one updates are available.


Force stop the app

Your need to navigate to Settings app and then make a tap on Apps. Pick up the app from the list and tap Force stop.

Clear the cache of appsclear cache

Clearing cached data is the short term solution but it makes a needed space by eliminating temporary files.

  1. Open up the Settings of the device. Now make a tap on Apps or Application Manager
  2. Now tap the app on the list and then tap Storage. Now finally make a tap on clear cache.

Clear the data of appclear data

  1. Device’s Settings needed to be open, now tap Apps or Application manager.
  2. Now tap the app on your list. Tap Storage and Clear Data

If these steps aren’t bringing any change then you can uninstall your app or ring up the professional for the accurate help.