The release of first generation Moto X mobile two years back had totally changed the market taste. This model brought the powerful effect in the market at that time.

Though having certain problems and outmoded model, it’s quite an exceptional model which performs magnificently. This set was designed in collaboration with Motorola and Google. Now we will let you know in details about this device and reason of choosing this for our Android series of fan club.

Feeling of dignity after opening the box:

Once you open the box of Moto X, you will feel excitement on looking at it for the first time. This Android Phone has sleek 5 inches display with sharp and classy features like woven back and curve at its edges. All these features makes it appropriate for purchase.

Its sleekness and special material used at the back cover makes it convenient to use and handle it even with one hand only. There are little chances of your phone being dropped from your hand. Due to these unique features, this phone is superior to other android phones in the market.

Advanced features:

Coming to its features, you will enjoy the 3 mics for proper voice input in this phone: fixed at each end, one in front bottom, another at the back and last on the top of it.

Next talking of its headphone jack, this is mostly same as other phones have, with little difference of its placement in the center rather than that on left or right side as in other phones. This comes up to be the best android phone in the Android Market. Its 4.7 inches wide full HD screen with 720 by 1280 pixels distinguished it from other same segment phones. You will hardly find this AMOLED screen in other brands even after paying high price for it. The quality of picture remains same in daylight or in the dark. This is android phone, so you will find various Android Apps suitable for you in the mobile market/playstore which can be downloaded free of cost or some are paid depending on the app that you are downloading.

The Apps for Android phones are updated regularly. As the demands of customers are getting higher day by day ,so google tries to keep them updated by uploading latest android apps and software in order to cater to your routine needs and demands. Coming to the latest update in operating system, google is now launching android 7 after its previous OS 6 version (marshmallow). Its latest OS 7 also called Android n. This update will fix the major bugs seen in the previous versions and supports more apps in your phone.


Moving on to the next feature:

This device is packed with 1.7 GHz dual-core processor with 2GB RAM. It performs well even when you play games, open certain apps and watch videos. The high powered 2200mAH battery will give you good battery backup with advanced battery saver mode.

Though this phone has certain pros and cons, but still it is going good in the market even after 3 years of its release, due to its valuable specifications in mid-range series.