If you’re fond playing Candy Crush Saga or similar casual games, then touch screen is just perfect but when you start games with complex controls, a good controller helps a lot. I know you cannot keep the controllers in your pocket 24×7 and obviously not going to fit in your pocket as well. No need to worry if your phone tends to heat up when you’re playing games because firstly you’re not holding your Android Phone with your hands and secondly instead of making taps and swipes on screen, you’re using controllers.

There are few options you can go with while buying the controller for your phone, you can buy Amkette Evo, Mad Catz C.T.R.L.I, Gamepad Pro 2 and the slightly affordable GameSir G3. If you thinking to buy it, then you need to know this:


Controller’s outer shell is made of smooth plastic, which creates difficulty in gripping the controller. It’s little slippery. Other buttons like-Start, Select, Turbo and Clear have rubberized coating. The analogue stick is easy to grip. All the four buttons are too small and start button is quite close to X button. The trigger buttons curve outwards, which is great if you play shooting games.

The base of the controller has pairing instructions for Android Phones and iPhones. Pairing with an Android phone is very easy, it works just like connecting any other accessory via Bluetooth.  We recommend iPhone users to do not use it with your iPhone because the GameSir G3 doesn’t have Apple’s MFi certification. Pairing of GameSir G3 with Xiaomi Mi5 leads to good result, once you paired, the controller let you use the phone without touching (except typing). You can easily open up any app, select various options and return to your home screen. Pac-Man Championship Edition, Blade Lords, Dead Trigger 2, and Asphalt 8 etc. You can play these games with the help of controllers.

Well if you’re wishing that it would automatically connect to paired Android phones, then quit wishing because every time you have to connect the GameSir G3 manually.

GameSir G3


The GameSir G3 is good controller for Android phones. This controller comes in your budget, you can purchase it online (Rs. 2,450). Trigger and shoulder buttons works amazing, plus analogue sticks, tactile A, X, Y buttons are also good. Charge it once and you don’t have to charge it for around two weeks. The D-pad is its only major weakness, and if you can live with that, then this is a pretty decent gaming accessory.

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