Polar launched its Polar M600 to track the level of fitness, sleeping patterns and its Training program feature trains you for a specific running event.

Our lives are busy and we don’t get time for ourselves and for our proper well-being. We often tend to ignore our eating habits and this affects our overall health. We need to get back on track and opt for some gadget that keep a track on how many calories you have burnt and makes us aware of our fitness status. If you are looking for some device like this and all geared to start and then Polar android wear is a thing you want. Polar has been encouraging fitness around the world from a long time and this time Polar has recently launched its first Android wear device for the fitness freaks.

The Polar M600 is although Android wear device but it still has its own phenomenal features plus it comes in an attractive design which will become a sensation in the Android market.

polar watch

It has an advanced built-in sensor which tells how many calories you have burned and that is based on your weight, height, age, gender, and your heart rate and your workout. It uses your data and gives you feedback on your activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Moreover, you will get feedback after your each training session and will also describe the effect of the activity. In addition, you can get trained for a specific running event by using its training program feature. Further, you can choose various targets like 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon. The watch will set up a schedule and will get you ready for the event.

It’s not merely a fitness tracker but also keeps a record of your sleep at night so that you can see how healthy is your sleeping patterns. It also pokes you when you’ve been inactive and you can also set multiple sport specific profile and get trained for each of the sport.


•    Square 1.3-inch display

•    240×240 resolution screen which uses Transmissive TFT technology.

•    Gorilla Glass 3

•    The 500mah battery which will last for 2 days and will serve up to ten hours if you are undergoing continuous training.

•    To monitor the heartbeat it has its own bespoke 6 LED-based system

•    Accelerometer and gyroscope for tracking motion.

•    It has the ambient light sensor, vibrator mode, and ambient light detector.

•    It has a GPS which can effectively and accurately track your location.

•    IPX8 water resistance and you can go swimming up to the depth of 10 meters.

If you want this amazing tracker you can per-order it for £264.50. It is available in either black or white silicone strap.