The Paranoid Android team found some latest life and started working on their next release. The idea was to bring some features that helped refine the user experience while conserving all of the things that made Paranoid Android the best AOSP ROM’s out there. The team decided to forego those and go linear for a stable release instead of putting out builds as alpha and beta.

Floating mode:

Floating Mode is actually a floating window that makes you view your applications without having to open the entire app. Helpful in replying quick messages  and these three ways an make Floating Mode happen:

  1. First make a long press on any notification, it’ll turn dark and you’ll see the option on the right side. Now tap once and whatever work you’re doing, the app will open in front. Kindly note down, this doesn’t work with all apps.
  2. Now you can do this, by going into the recent apps view, find the icon. Each app has its own little box and you will see the icon at the top of bar. Tap it once and the app will open n Floating Mode.
  3. Third way is to toggle in the quick settings called Floating Peek, enable it in the Quick Settings and after getting the notification, you can click on the “heads up” notification to automatically open a floating window.

Floating Mode

OST (On the Spot) Controls:

When your drag down the notification shade down for the first time, you’ll be asked if you want to turn on the feature. If you miss the opportunity then by navigating to the system settings you can find the option, then to Backup & Restore and finally to Feature Preferences.  This a simple feature, when you slide notification shade down then you’ll see the notification. However, if you slide down your finger to clock, you’ll be able to draw down the Quick Settings.

OST (On the Spot) Controls

Quick Settings- Add and Remove:

You have potential to move your Quick Settings tiles around in Android Marshmallow. By going into the System Tuner, you can delete them or add more.  You can move Quick Tiles around but simply you can drag them to home screen as well. There is a plus symbol at the top of the status bar where you can see the tiles that have been removed and re-add them to Quick Settings at your discretion.

Quick Settings- Add and Remove

Cyanogen Mod’s theme:

Cyanogen Mod’s theme available in Paranoid Android and virtually any CM13 from the Google Play Store should work on this ROM.

Cyanogen Mod’s Theme

Further features:

  1. You can set the status bar and navigation bar to invisible whenever you want because System-wide Immersive Mode is still present. When you swipe up from the bottom or down from the top, it will reappear.
  2. The ROM preserves support for layers as well.
  3. Improvement In power menu with reboot option, screenshot option and an Airplane Mode toggle.
  4. It’s also worth noting that there are further features for One Plus and OPPO owners, such as gesture and more involved features.

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