How many Pokémon fans we have right now? Well, you would be glad to know that there are few games just like Pokémon are waiting for you on Play Store. If you’re fed up of catching the Pokémon then catch the ghosts.

As we know and can see the rapid craze of Pokémon, how eagerly people are rushing outside to catch the Pokémon (who don’t even exist). Running behind the reality can lead you to some point but running behind the illusion can be dangerous. All the recent news of accidents those are occurring due to this game clearly telling that this game can jeopardize you if you don’t pay attention. Well, no doubt game is amazing plus making rapid popularity among Android Market. If you think Pokémon is the only game in which you have to catch the Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, or Venomoth etc. then we would like to tell that, Android world grasps many Android Apps Download(gaming apps) for you, those are not less than any Pokémon game.
1. Speck Trek

Alright, take out your phone and get ready to catch all…. Pokémon? No, get ready to catch all the ghosts. This app is blessed with GPS and AR technology as well, now it’s time step outside your home to catch some ghosts by exploring different locations (available on Android).

Speck Trek
2. Ingress

Again we have one more AR based game called, Ingress and guess what, this game has been developed by the developer of Pokémon. As a player, you need to select a green side or red side, and basically, in the game, you have to capture ‘portals’. Rest go and download this game to your Android Phone.

3. Paintball Arena

The camera-based game, all you need a WI-Fi connection and best thing is that you no need to rush to any paintball arena. As you hit, your phone will vibrate which will indicate you that you successfully hit the target. This app uses color detection, so what you are waiting for? Go and shed color.

Paintball Arena
4. AR Invaders

Are you ready to defend the earth from the attack of aliens? If yes then AR invaders is an ideal option for you. While standing you have a 360-degree whereas in sitting positing you have an 180-degree mode. You have to cross the levels in this game.

AR Invaders
5. Toyota AR 86

Basically, in this game, you have to place the maker in front of you, on the floor and then launch your Toyota 86 AR and point the camera towards the marker so you can enjoy the thrilling ride of Toyota 86. Like these amazing gaming apps, you can also enjoy and download the various Apps for Android from Google Play Store.

Toyota AR 86