Pokemon Go received huge applaud from the worldwide and this has motivated the developers to make it better and better for future. They have recently updated the game and come up with the new feature which will tell you the potential of your Pokemon.

The World cannot get enough of Pokemon as the Pokemon GO game provided. So, the developer Niantic is working tirelessly to improve the Pokemon GO game and coming up with new updates to catch ’em all. Pokemon Go has taken over the world and Android Phones and the iOS users have downloaded the game and looking for more updates to enhance their gaming experience.

Now and then we are hearing news about new updates to Pokemon Go and this time, new update will be rolled out to the players of Android and iPhones later this Monday. The new update will have one –feature according to the Facebook message from the game developers.

pokemon go

With “Implemented Pokemon Appraisal” feature Trainers will now be able to learn about a Pokemon attack and defence capabilities from their Team leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark) and then they can determine which of them have the most potential and is ready for the battle. This will add lot of depth to the game. However, when we have close look at the Pokemon Games including Pokemon GO different monsters have different “individual value “or IVs. This means that one Pikachu won’t have the same potential as another Pikachu. They will generally have different statistics that can a huge difference in the battlefield.

However, those stats were always present in Pokemon GO but there was no confined way to access them. Well, there are various fan-run websites which let you calculate IVs yourself. Recently Niantic has shut down the unsanctioned third-party services which provided the best and easy way to calculate IVs.

Therefore, by adding this capability to check a Pokemon’s IVs within Pokemon GO game will make the game more strategical as players will now be available to enhance their Pokemon team potential. The game has totally taken over the Android Market. Pokemon Go game has proved to be one of best app for Android Phones.

Niantic is not resting but they are continuously working hard on several new and exciting features and they would like to tell us that they’re not done yet, and promise that there’s more to come and later Pokemon Trading and global gym battle leaderboards will come.