We often notice that our battery performance is going bad, well some android apps act as monsters who constantly eats our battery, and here we’ve top nine battery drainers.

It often happens to us when we realized that few minutes back our battery bar is good and full but suddenly it came down. Well that’s the common issue in android phone that we mostly face, most of us are well familiar with the reasons as well that why our Android device keeps running low on battery, may be continuous use of Snap chat.

According to AVG Technologies, Snap chat is the major reason of affecting the batteries of android phones this year. Well Snap chat is not solely chewing up the battery performance but other android apps are also responsible for it. Basically Snap chat fills your phone caches and according to AVG, a 10 second video can elevate Snap chat’s internal cache 11 MB.

low battery

Samsung WathcON has since been replaced but users were allowed to view and control programming on televisions or set-up boxes. And that was the vital battery-drainer. Snap chat and Outlook, stood on second and third place. Well if your device is still running slow with poor battery performance than perhaps Spotify can be the reason.

Below are the top nine battery drainers:

  1. Samsung WatchON
  2. Snap chat
  3. Microsoft Outlook
  4. LINE: Free calls and messages
  5. Clean Master
  6. Spotify
  7. Amazon Shopping
  8. Super: Bright LED Torch
  9. BBC iplayer