While there are full sized themes to install on your home screen which will change your icons, ringtones and widgets as soon as you use them, not to forget pricey icon packs, there are some wallpapers which will give your phone a totally new look. Look out for such wallpapers and tell us which the wallpaper you use the most is. However, there are some wallpapers which we have compiled down below which are more of textured wallpapers with prints. Feel free to look from them.

  1. Spaceship earth

The way in which the future and space has been described from ages by us has been changing, but what not has changed is the way we use sharp pentagonal designs to describe them. For us, sharpness is future and the colour blue is space. Use this wallpaper for vintage-future look on your phone. Download it from here.

  1. Angular infinity

This designer wallpaper has all the charm of a symmetrical wallpaper, hiding the mystery inside it once you see through the wallpaper and see how the pattern replicates in the dark itself.  You can see more of the Jane Robbe’s work on his page.  Download this one from here.

  1. Mosaic ceiling

Complexity and vintage look brought together by mosaic ceiling. Get this wallpaper and bring your desktop alive with the colour and design of wallpaper. Actual mosaic ceilings found in Iran are pictured here and are perfectly neutralised for more screens and themes. Download it from here.

  1. Honeycomb

One of the rarest cobwebs in which we wish to drown. Looking like a honeycomb maze with its gold and brown colour, this one will definitely appeal to your eyes as well as palette. Download it from here.

  1. Geometrical landscape

This wallpaper brings ethnicity and modern art together. Combining them and having the symmetry is hard to find these days. Download it from here.

These wallpapers can be downloaded on Android powered smartphones without any issue, so better check these out and style up your smartphone.