There’s a rumor that Google is working on its two smart watches plan and will come with them as a complement to the new Nexus handset.

Google is never resting and coming with new technologies day by day and this time their focus is on wearable smart watches, they are internally building two wearable smart watches according to the reports by Android police and they could be Nexus- branded.

The report says that one of the smart watches will be larger code named Angelfish with a diameter of 43.5mm and features LTE, GPS and heart rate monitor. The smaller one Code named Swordfish will also feature interchangeable bands with “Apple watch like design but will be lack LTE, GPS and heart rate sensor.

The new wearable smart watches technology from Google could be released following the next Nexus handset from a HTC-Google collaboration to take over Android market.

smart watch

Google uses its Nexus platform to showcase hardware it believes will work best with latest version of Android.

Further, Android Police citing multiple sources adds that the two smart watches could come with Google Assistant, the platform that Google unveiled at Google I/O 2016.

The assistant will work seamlessly across devices and contexts, Google wrote in a blog post following the developer conference in May. Google will help no matter where you are or what the context. It had invested many years in understanding user’s question.

Google announced Android Wear 2.0 in May. It features new user interface, standalone apps, enhancement of Google fit and many more. It’s currently tested the technology with its developers and it is expected that they will launch it in the fall along new Nexus phones. To know more about upcoming Android Phones and new updates on Android head to androidn  Blog.

As pricing and release rate is concerned nothing has been said by the Google. It is not clear exactly when Google is going to launch its pair of smart watches. Well, it is suspected by android Police that they’ll be announced separately.