Google keeps organizing competitions among the top geeks around the world. Recently, the company has announced the winners of such a competition that it organized by the name of Android Experiments I/O Challenge. The competition was announced in March in which it mentioned the developers’ community to come up with some ideas on how to use Android creatively. With a very exciting prize in the form of a free trip to Google I/O for top three developers, the stakes went high and the response that Google received was staggering.

Al Bencomo, one of the grand prize winners developed an autonomous Android vehicle that is quite innovative and deemed useful by Google. The developer creatively used the IR sensors and the camera on an Android operated smartphone to navigate. When the gadget encountered any object while moving, then the interaction of the gadget was simply mind-blowing. No doubt, his idea and project was great to be given the grand prize.

The second grand prize was received by Mike Roelens who also created a great game by the name of Hungermoji, which is a spectacular game placed within the notification shade. A great concept and truly the grand prize winner. The third grand prize was given to the team of Yury Sachnovskiy and Hatem Shahabri who created a method to turn a smartphone into a 3D controller. Seems cool, right? Well, no doubt, there idea was superb and the implementation was even better. They used the API to create such a thing, which can be used by users to develop a number of applications using their smartphone’s orientation to place the 3D model on a different screen.

Such competition lifts the spirits of the developers who constantly think of the ideas to deliver something new, something better, something that is never seen or heard before to the world. So, Google helps them financially and by giving them a platform to showcase their talents in front of millions and millions of people. So, if you think you have the talent to innovate, then take part in next competition organized by Google.