Things get a lot weird when real life mimics art.

One of my favorite Science fiction novels is Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. This novel is such a spectacle of 21st century that the legendary director Steven Spielberg is planning to make a movie on the same. Steven is also looking for actors who can play extras in the movie.

People who have not read about Ready Player One, then it is a story of the malfunctioning of worldwide web. In this world, everybody is connected to the web whether they are at school, play, work or life. OASIS is the name of the multiplayer software program, which controls everything.

Steven Spielberg wants to have 3D avatars to come in the OASIS, so people who can build 3D avatars have a good chance to be a part of the movie. They need to submit their creation by 23rd June and get a chance to earn $250-$1000.

A brief about the story:

The story is based at 2044 where thing are not right. When a teenage named Wade Watts gets alive, he gets transported into an unrealistic world named OASIS. Wade, who spent his entire life knowing the puzzles that are buried down under the digital world. These puzzles are based upon the fascination of the creator with the pop culture along with the promise to give great power and fortune to the person who is able to unlock them. As soon as Wade is able to find the first puzzle, he felt surrounded by people who are try to kill them for the ultimate prize. The game is on and if Wade wants to win this one, then he will have to face the challenges and escape them.

It is great to see that Warner Bros is using the talent of the coders to create a splendid thing such as Ready Player One. This is a wonderful way to engage the fans of the novel and give them a visual experience. This movie is taking MMO to a whole new level.

I am afraid if I am the only one who is scared about the quality of science fiction when it comes to predicting the future. In the past, we have seen a number of sci-fi movies coming true and that too, from the near past. Things like smartphones, home automation and wearables are some of the examples. A person can create a code and get a chance to work in a movie. If all the things go in the right way, then OASIS doesn’t seem that far. It doesn’t matter what degree you attained, your one code can give you a chance to become famous.

So, you just need to submit the 3D avatar to TalentHouse, where the winners will be announced on July 7th.