Are you fond of mixing and mastering the vocals and beats? If yes then terminate your search at FL Studio, which will turn your smartphones into a portable studio.

Are you a music lover? Fond of mixing and mastering? Beat production? Then we all know there’s no best option you will find on the Play Store except FL (Fruity Loops) studio. There are various Apps for Android Phones regarding producing your own beats and mixing the vocals, but FL Studio grasps the title of professional software and app. If you cannot carry your heavy system outside, then good thing is that you can load your projects into the ‘FL studio’ (desktop version) as well.

Get this app and turn your Android Phones into a portable recording studio. If we talk about the packs and features, then will get the 133 high-quality instruments with drum kits and chopped-loop beats. Virtual Piano, you can change the sound and type of piano as well for example compressed piano, school piano, dark piano, grand piano etc. As we said earlier turn your android phone into portable recording studio, so just find some tranquil place and record down your vocals. You can import the vocals into WAV format (finest and heavy quality). If you’re a creative mind and want to play with sounds and vocals badly, then you will also get several effects like Pan (in which you can pan your volume/sound/vocals from left to right or right to left). You can even enhance your recorded vocals by applying normalize effect. You can select your channels while recording or mixing and mastering, FL studio lets you expand your mixer channels. For more clarification and recognizing you’re working plug-ins/VST or recorded vocal bar, you can change the color as well.

fl Studio

ASIO4ALL is a driver that works with the most audio interface, if you want to make comparison then you can record down your vocals in FL Studio and on another DAW, you can clearly hear the difference and the role of ASIO4ALL. Use it personally and experience the professionalism, this app will coast Rs.1, 100.00, so what you are waiting for? Get this amazing app right now to your Android Phones. If you’re Laptop or computer user then you can also try a demo version it, but you won’t be able to save your FLP Files/Raw files of your project whereas on full or paid version you can save your raw data.