Are you going to reset your device, to delete your data permanently? Well, factory reset is just a misconception, it doesn’t delete your data. So know the precise steps to delete your data in an accurate way.

Nowadays smartphones are like digital extensions of everyone. You will see a rare person with no smart or Android Phone. As we know we do not use our phones for making conversation only, we also store our contacts, photos, and email etc. as well. Simply you can say we save our personal data in this device as well. So if you’re thinking to put your phone on OLX or going to give someone else, then you securely and erase the data from your device.

Most of the people think that doing a ‘Factory Reset’ will clear your data permanently, well, we would like to tell this is just a misconception. You only able to see the data has been deleted but in reality, it’s hidden in some other free storage location. So here will tell how to permanently delete data from your Android Phones, by following these two steps you can securely erase the data from your device.

Data reset

Encrypt device storage:

Before Factory Reset is initiated, encryption turns your data and info stored on a smartphone into a cryptic format. The data appears to be a jumbled mess that makes no sense without accurate decryption. Encryption gives your surety even if few files are left after doing factory reset operation, means you’re only seeing the random rubbish, not actual files. You need to step forward to Settings, then to Security and make a tap on the ‘Encrypt Phone’ option. Now you can do the factory reset after completion of encryption. Your phone is not just an android phone but Best Android Phone because before this you were only up to factory reset but now you know the real trick.

Overwrite with throwaway data:

Now to set up the android phone after attempting the factory reset, make sure this time, no email details are added. After the completion record, a junk video for as long as the internal storage on the phone doesn’t fill up. With throw away data, this will overwrite the free space.