Do you have quest for adventure then this amazing adventure game Tinker island which is available on Google store will keep you entertained through with its exciting features and secrets.

Android’s Google Play store is the best platform to download games and best android apps whether it is adventure, sci-fi, puzzle, strategy, mystery etc. If you love adventure and exploration then Tinker Island will definitely amaze you and this new game is available on Google Play store. This game is all about helping the survivors who survived shipwreck on a deserted island. This game has lot of exciting feature which will keep you engaged.tinkerisland1

Herein this game you becomes the leader of Survivors on the lost paradise. In this game you will be able to carry your adventure on your own by building a base, exploring various mysteries and even searching for treasures. On the way you have to fight enemies and taming savage beasts. Other features include a huge lush green world, talking island and searching resources to survive on The Tinker Island. You have to craft weapons and tools too and later on uncover the secrets of the Tinker island.

The latest update of Tinker island on Android phones includes a monsoon hitting island and ground gets slippery due to this survivors are ready to build and search faster. In addition to this potions are also cheaper. In this update Enemy HP has been reduced and lot of timers have been reduced too which makes it fun game to be played on your Android device.