When it’s come to installing the android apps, then way is very easy and simple. Just click on ‘install’ option and after few seconds/minutes your app is ready to use, whether you do it from your android phone or from Chrome book but when it comes uninstalling, then the way of uninstalling the app is quite different in Chrome book. You use the Play Store to install an app, that’s where all the Android apps live (there is no side loading on Chrome for Android apps) and it’s where you head to find them. You see an icon dropped in your task bar as you installed the Play Store on your Chrome book. If you click on it, you’ll taken to Google Play. If you’re looking for a particular app, then you can search or look through the curated lists like the new or popular apps, but the install process remains the same, no matter how you get to an app’s page. As I said previously just click on ‘install’ button, give it a minute and you’re done.

Now if you want to uninstall an app, then Chrome has a place where applications live just like Android does. Just make a click or tap on the magnifying glass in your task bar, now at the top is a row icons where your currently used apps reside. If you scroll down, it converts into a Google Now page if you opted in, but we’re inserted in the app icons now, your ‘app drawer’ opens, if you click on the All apps icon.

Android Apps

If you’ve installed many apps from the Chrome Store or from the Play Store (that’s one too many stores and I’ll bet Google merges them eventually) you’ll probably have more than one page. Now through your track pad or with your finger on a touchscreen, you can swipe them. Find the app you want to uninstall and right click it (right click is click a two finger tap on track pad). With a finger, it’s a long press. After doing any of these things, application menu will open. One of the entries in this menu is the uninstall option. If you make a click on it, the app is gone. Well you can call it curse or bless, that you don’t get a warning box, whether you want to uninstall the app or not. Whereas the Android phone show’s this warning box so kindly make sure before uninstalling the app.
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