The Apple music app for android faced several bugs and were resolved by updating the version to v0.9.11, Updated the app fixes playback issue and sorting issues in playback.

The Apple music app for android faced several bug issues .In order to resolve it the Apple Music app for Android has been updated and this has fixed several bugs. The biggest fixes includes playback issue and a sorting issue in playlists. The Android version has been updated to v0.9.11 and it can be further downloaded via Google Play on your Android phones.

Apple confirms that the new update resolves a playback issue where the songs skip over the first two seconds .Also it fixes an issue where albums added to a playlist appears in different order.

Android music

However, Apple music is one of two apps that the Cupertino giant offers on the Android platform and other one is moved to iOS. You can find various music apps when you browse through the Android market.

If you haven’t tried Apple music it is available on three months free trial basis after this period company will charge subscription fee. The subscription in India cost Rs 120per month and grants access to apps music database and services and for Rs 190 per month who can take Family plan. It allows access for up to 6 members from a single subscription that too on different devices.

In May, Apple also introduces student plan in Australia and New Zealand, where it offers an individual membership at $4.99permonth as compared to $9.99 per month .Apple Music’s is priced at $14.99 per month in western markets. Moreover, Students plan will be rolled out to Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and the US soon.

The App has become quite popular with users since its launch in June last year. Apple has a subscriber base of 13 million. The company resigned the interface and introduced new feature to this app this year.