Prisma app is out now on Play Store, after iOS users, now Android users can play with the wonderful and attractive virtual art work effect.

Are you fond of playing with different photo editing apps? If yes then you will glad to know that ‘Prisma’ a photo app is out now and available for Android. For sure you don’t want to miss this amazing app, an app which turns your photo into virtual paintings. The effect and texture of virtual painting is somewhat like an effect which resides in Photoshop software. Now you can download it from Google Play. There are many android apps, but this app is just ideal, just because of its fine virtual paintings effect. We can see the popularity of this app among people, from this that company’s servers were overloaded due to high demand.

Prisma app

It first launched for iOS at the beginning of July, if we talk about the downloading of this app, then Prisma has been downloaded more than ten million times and yet 400 million images took the form virtual artwork. No doubt this app is just best for your android phones. Make your android phones more attractive by installing this best app.

Before this people tried a lot of apps for image editing with different textures and effects, but Prisma’s artificial intelligence helps image to hold more natural and attractive look, well actions speak more than words, you should personally try this amazing app. What you waiting for? go to Play Store and bring this app to your android phone. Currently Prisma is earning good mouth of words from the people side, especially youngsters. We able to see people are setting their DP’s on social networking sites with Prisma’s virtual painting art work.