There are many trips and tricks that you are not aware and these will enhance the capabilities of your Android phone.

Whether you owe Android or iPhone you remain unaware of the capabilities of your phone. androidnblog is here to make you familiar with the various tricks you can use over your Android phones.

From the huge list of tricks we picked our favorite ones and here in this blog we are sharing them with you.

1. Guest Mode:

Nobody wants to share their personal data such as email and text with their friends so use guest mode to block their access to your data.

Guest Mode

Steps to do so:

  1. Simply swipe down to open Quick settings
  2. Tap the user icon which is at top right and then select “Add a guest “to enable Google Guest Mode. Your phone will instantly switch to guest mode and your information will be protected from others.
  3. Once the phone comes in your hands end Guest mode by tapping user icon again and selecting “Remove Guest”.
  4. Also Tap “Remove “this removes all the apps and data from the guest session.

2. Share Faster:

When you use Facebook messenger your top contacts comes under recent conversations. But Google provide easy option to share for Google app users.

1. Head towards share menu and you will find a list of top of people and places (such as Google drive) whom you share data mostly.

2. Now simply tap the person or place whom you want to share item with and your item will be shared without going to sharing settings.

3. Androidify:

If you enjoy creating your character using Bitmoji or Snap chat then you can also build your character by using Androidify App.

Ensure that you have this Androidify app on your Android phone and start designing a character for yourself and your friend.

3. Animated photos:

 Google is also trying to bring the similar feature like iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Snap chat and this feature will allow to turn your photo into animated form.

Steps to follow:

1. Open the Google photo app

2. Select menu in the left corner then touch “Assistant”.

3. In version 1.23 and below tap the + sign located at top right corner. Select “Animation”.

4. You can choose from2 to 50 images to animate and by simply selecting create in the right corner and your animation will auto-play and will be saved in the photos.

4. Talk to the calendar

You can also talk to your Google calendar to schedule your tasks.

Talk to the calendar

Steps to follow

  1. Just say “OK Google ”then for instance “Set an alarm for 8 am”, “Remind me to call Sarah at 8pm”.
  2. If Google doesn’t recognize your voice open the Google app and tap menu and then tap “Setting” then go “Voice” and ” OK Google detection”.
  1. You can instantly see the location of your Android phone if you just type ‘find my phone’ into Google.

5. Track your Phone:

You can also track your phone and see the location of your phone once you type “Find my phone “in Google.

Track your Phone


  1. Sign in to Android Device Manger at and select your current device.
  2. From here you see the approximate location of your phone and you can also lock the phone, erase your data and even ring your phone your phone will ring for about 5 min even if it is in silent mode.
  3. And to quickly find your phone in near future simple ask Google to “find my phone”.

6. Translate:

You will definitely require this when you are traveling in a foreign country.

1. Simply download Google translate app from your phone and then open it.

2. In the top-left corner, select the language of the text whom you want to translate.

3. In the top-right corner, select the language you’d like to see the text in.

4. Tap the camera icon. Point your camera at the text you want to translate. The translation will appear on the screen.

5. To pause the camera and see the translated text, tap “Pause” in the bottom right corner of the screen. To resume, tap “Play.”

7. Track your Amazon deliveries

Get notifications about your packages like they are sent and delivered.

8. Set Alarm:

Don’t miss your Alarm even if your battery is low.

Set Alarm

1. Switch Doze mode on and this puts you device to sleep but your phone can stills set the alarm in the morning. Doze mode is automatic feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Master these amazing Android tricks and use android like never before.