Android phones are immensely popular among people due to their unique features and user-friendly interface.

Android users can celebrate as your phone comes with enormous and unique features that your rivals lacks. Sorry Apple users but Android phones are user-friendly and offers greater compatibility as compared to iOS devices.

Both the companies – Apple and Google are working to improve their devices and the battle seems never ending. However, Android fans can brag about these top features which make them stand out.

1. Get More Choice:

As we all familiar that Android is open –source operating system whereas Apple devices runs iOS and people don’t get more choices. Google is open to manufacturers who are making reasonable phones to high-end devices.

All android

Furthermost, Android users are not stuck with one or two-year product cycle but they have huge amount of devices to choose from.

2 – Personalize Their Device

Android devices lets you personalize your device by creating customized backgrounds, lock screen images, color and even service you use to type. HTC recently added custom sticker to represent apps and letting users choose from grid of apps in to a cartoonish work of art, where each character represents your favourite Android app.However, Android seems to be lot personal than Apple’s clinical grid of apps.

Personalise Their Device

3 – Widgets

Widget makes your home screen functional plus you can get the information you need in the quick and easy way. Further, with the help of widgets you can check weather, monitor your calendar appointments for the day and also track your fitness information at your fingertips.

Android comes with number of widget option that are pre-installed or new alternatives are available on Google Play app store and also look out for Apps for Android Phones on the Play store.


However, Apple also introduced its own version of widgets but they were limited in number as compared to Android widgets.

4 – Add Extra And More Flexible Storage

These days we use our phones not just to make calls but we do multitasking with our phones and many Android phones have a powerful camera which calls for a good selfies and detailed shots. If you want to clear some space from your phone then you can quickly move your pictures through USB. Also, with MicroSd cards you can create extra storage space for your valuable content. Whereas, iOS users requires perplexing installation of extra programs and going through a several steps procedure to move your pictures to your PC.

5 – Multi-Tasking Via Multi-Window

Android provides multitasking on the screens. Various top devices offers multi-screen views which is similar to split or quad screen experience that you have on a Windows PC. This feature is useful for those who prefer various news feeds on the go. Apple fans will be disappointed to know that this function is limited to their tablet devices and smartphones lacks this feature.


6 – Smoother Notifications

Notification features are essential to keep up with important communications and to remain updated about social media feeds so they have to be around on your screens. However in iOS this feature can be bit tricky by unlocking and re locking the device you may miss out on notifications whereas, Android will keep both the icon and notification present until you access or dismiss it.

Smoother Notifications

7 – Free Up Space Quickly

When you download some apps than often photos, videos and other data gets downloaded onto your Phone but if you have Android phone than you can simply clear the cache and quickly free some space .However, in iOS you can only get the space by deleting and re-installing the app.

Free Up Space Quickly

So flaunt your Android phone like never before.